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Autumn in Stowe.

Stowe-Vermont-10-1-2021-33-Edit-EditI finally found some time to head up to Stowe yesterday early morning. I was not disappointed.

March weather in May…

So, we had some snow yesterday. It was nice while it lasted but I am ready for warm weather. Not looking forward to the black flies and mosquitoes that will be out later this week though.

Early Spring in Ryegate Vermont

Cabin fever started to get to me yesterday. I thought I should go on a little road trip before the Stay at Home order started. I took a short road trip over to Ryegate/Peacham, and naturally, I forgot about all the places  I wanted to check out.

Autumn in Vermont

Sometime during late October, I was looking at all the Autumn in Vermont pictures I have taken over the last 5 or so years. I start thinking, “I have quite a bit of Autumn in Vermont pictures. I should do something with them”. I should have dropped that idea right then but NOPE!. I spent all of November and December looking through the archives and managed to come up with enough pictures to build up an Autumn in Vermont website a Facebook Page and Twitter page. Quite a few of the pictures I will be posting have never been posted before. For whatever reason.  As I was working my way through the pictures, I found some pictures I had totally forgotten about.

So, Starting sometime around January 1st or so, I will be launching an Autumn in Vermont website, Facebook Page and Twitter Page. It is 100% Autumn in Vermont pictures and stuff.

The website is- The Facebook page is- And the Twitter page is-

My hope is that the Facebook and Twitter pages can develop a sizeable amount of followers in a short amount of time. If that happens, I may very well start to create Autumn in Vermont calendars. All I ask is that you share, like and follow the page(s).