First Congregational Church in Berlin


A crisp and sunny day at Lake Willoughby in Westmore Vermont.

Panoramic picture taken from the north side of the lake.

Autumn in Stowe.

This picture was shot on one of my yearly foliage trips to Stowe (Since it’s a short drive) this year.  Happy with how this turned out is an understatement.
If you want to see more pictures of the church over the next few weeks, let me know.

Autumn at Middlebury College in Middlebury Vermont

Naturally, The day I finally make it to Middlebury it’s, you guessed it, Cloudy!. UGH!!!!!

Still up in the NEK.

If you are looking for the good colors, get off the beaten path and away from the “Tourist places”.

On some back road in the NEK.

It was one of those “I wonder where this road goes” type of things. My GPS had no idea where I was either.