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Shelburne Vermont

The Meeting House at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne

Shelburne Museum-78
The Meeting House was built in 1840 for a Methodist congregation in Charlotte, Vermont. The building’s triangular pediment is distinctive of the Greek Revival style, and the plainness of its exterior is typical of New England Protestant architecture. Inside, however, are an elaborately carved working organ and fascinating trompe l’oeil (“fool-the-eye”) murals.

The building became the home for an amateur theatrical group in 1899 and then was used as a library after 1902. After a heavy windstorm damaged the building, it was moved to the Museum in 1952 for preservation.


Guess what?. It’s winter again!

Shelburne Museum-78
I really don’t think anyone wants to see what it’s really like here now. So, here is a SUMMER picture from the Shelburne Museum.

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