Guess what?. It’s winter again!

Shelburne Museum-78
I really don’t think anyone wants to see what it’s really like here now. So, here is a SUMMER picture from the Shelburne Museum.

FYI. Your taxes are due tomorrow.


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  1. I want to see the snow if you have any.

  2. I never get sick of winter scenes!!

  3. I have thousands of snow pictures.

  4. Do you have snow on ground now or is everything muddy?

  5. I love the snow but at this point, it’s getting ridiculous. We are halfway through April and it won’t go away.

  6. Kevin Dundas Patches of snow here and there. Along with mud. I have tree damage from last fall to clean up. I had hoped to have that mess cleaned up by now. Maybe I can get someone to take care of that in May.

  7. Western N.Y. is still covered in snow and they don’t think it’s ridiculous. It is only April.

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