Winter time in Waits River Vermont.

Sadly, not this winter…. Atleast not yet.

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  1. I have a similar photo as my desktop background!

  2. I have several photos of this village, including a silo on the back of the barn, this is one of my most cherished little towns, been in the church many, many, many times

  3. It is so beautiful there. I sure miss my beautiful home state of Vermont!

  4. Elizabeth City, NC. It is located in NE NC. We will head to Va , Delaware or PA in the next few year, God willing. How about you?

  5. Love being in Waits River taking pictures.

  6. Carolyn Boutilier, We spent many happy holidays at the house on the left with the barn. My former husband’s home. Jared Duval Juliet Duval Palmer

  7. Ellen Dunkling I’m glad I brought back some fond memories for you.

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