Collecting sap at the Jenne Farm


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  1. lots of bare ground! On the sunny side of the slope…

  2. Give it a week and there will be no more snow.

  3. It must have been a very good season!

  4. Are we talking about winter or sugaring season?…lol

  5. Scenic Vermont Photography Sugaring! I sure do miss it.

  6. Dolores Breen Sugaring season will be over very soon. If you are looking to buy some syrup, let me know.

  7. Scenic Vermont Photography Thank you… I live in NM, and friends just sent my yearly supply. But I’m delighted to know you sell and ship!

  8. Dolores Breen I personally don’t sell and ship but a good friend of mine who runs a sugarhouse sells and ships.

  9. I will make a note of that. Thanks!

  10. Yup… done that… many, many times… it’s a lot of work!!!! They have SO many trees… lot of walking and climbing up hills… But so worth it… Love maple syrup!!!!

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