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Templeton Farm

One of the few nice days we have had this summer.

It seems like it’s either cloudy or raining more often than not. This is from East Montpelier.
History of this farm-
The original members of our family came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. The family were one of the 3 founding families in the town of East Montpelier moving from Peterboro, New Hampshire in 1788. The farm as it is known today was settled in 1810 and is 150 acres in size. To put that date into perspective, Thomas Jefferson was serving as our President during that period of time. In 2010 the farm became a bicentennial farm which has been in continuous family ownership for 200 years. For 9 generations the farm has been producing bountiful forage, grain, apple, maple and timber crops along with dairy, beef and sheep.

One of the few nice days we have had this summer. Read More »