Late at night. When normal people are sleeping.

I’m outside taking pictures in the snow.

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  1. Those “normal” people are missing out on the unique beauty you get to see. Some of my fondest memories of growing up in Vermont were late night walks with our dogs, in the still blue light of a cold winters night.

  2. I love walking my dog in the evening. The smell of woodsmoke in the air And no cars on the road tells me families are gathered around the hearth.

  3. define “normal” …… (I’m up in the wee hours of the morning)

  4. Perfect, love the lighting.

  5. I used to do that when I lived in Burlington ?

  6. It looked much better standing there, In the snow, holding an umbrella.

  7. I thought the lighting was pretty cool myself.

  8. You know. Normal people who go to bed before 2am

  9. My favorite time to take pictures is at night. Sadly, not too many people care for night pictures. I dont know why.

  10. Scenic Vermont Photography, it is absolutely stunning

  11. Funny story. I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window. I’m thinking to myself, “That would make a nice picture”. So I stood there. Watching the snow come down. After a few mins I was thinking “If I don’t go out in the freezing cold and snow and take a few pictures, Im going to regret it”. After putting on boots, jacket, gloves, hunting for a big umbrella, This is what I get for 15mins of standing in the wind-driven snow. Totally worth it.

  12. Yes. Totally worth it. I’m a native Vermonter and I’ve never acclimated to the cold. I freeze after moments in the snow, but I love its beauty.

  13. What do you mean ” normal” ? My favorite time is night. Think I’m as normal as anyone, whatever that might be.

  14. Scenic Vermont Photography their loss

  15. I never wanted to be considered normal. I love winter evenings. Beautiful shot.

  16. We love people like you! Xx

  17. A beautiful picture. While reading your caption, my first thoughts while reading about people sleeping were—-a street light? A police copter? a alien space ship? And have they spied you yet?

  18. Why is that?. Because I am sorta messed up?

  19. No because you take the most beautiful photos of Vermont. Xx

  20. Give us more winter night shots. Beautiful work.

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