An old barn in Royalton Vermont

I came across this barn when I was heading back from West Leb one day a couple weeks ago.

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  1. I save all your pictures. Love them!!

  2. I would have loved to see the inside of that barn.

  3. next time just knock on the door ask them and then send them a picture of the inside and outside I bet you anything they would not mind at all .Or just bring your Mom that softens up even the hardest person;)

  4. Kerstin Klewitz Boehme If I bring my Mom, then that means I have to go on a road trip with my Mom!. Those dont go well for me!

  5. Oh yeah I can see that might not be the best idea I had !

  6. “I’m cold”… “Do we have to listen to that radio station?”… “Are we close to a rest area?”… “What do you want to do about dinner?” (“It’s 2pm Mom. Ask me at 5pm”). Don’t get me wrong. I love my Mother dearly it’s just… My sanity!

  7. lol yeah I know that I just to roll my eyes but now I wish I still had her to be around ;

  8. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your pictures.

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