From last weekend’s road trip.

I went on a road trip Sunday to see how much damage the heat has caused to the foliage. All the places I visited a week earlier, looked pretty much like this picture. BROWN!. The record heat and the lack of rain this summer, has caused some serious damage to the foliage.  The trees would start to change color and then, BROWN. I hope this won’t be the case through the whole state but, who knows.  The Mad River Valley was a total bust. All brown from Ludlow up to Waterbury. And brown from ST. J all the way up to the NEK. What had promise a week ago is now a bust. I have yet to make it to the Champlain Valley so I have no idea how that looks. I shall see this weekend.

Looks like I will be posting from previous years foliage this year unless I can find some foliage that’s not BROWN.

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  1. It’s the same situation north of the border, in Southern Ontario. There’s very little colour. The leaves just turn brown and fall off. There is an occasional tree that is showing a bit of colour but otherwise brown . . . .

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