In the hills above Waterbury Vermont

Down the road a few miles from yesterday’s barn picture, I found this barn. I had to stop for a picture.

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  1. Love the red. Goes well with the snow cover.?

  2. Red and white the perfect combination.

  3. My, you sure have quite a bit of snow up that way

  4. That last storm brought 30+ inches of snow to parts of the state.

  5. Wow still snow in march hey , we don’t get often snow here it usually stays for a day then it is gone 😉 Have you ever thought of booking people for Photography tours Fall , Winter , Spring ? I am sure many people would love that . In winter especially the skiers from the resort they all need a day break here and there .

  6. These are from our fourth Noreaster. We still do have snow on the ground though.

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